Used Bassyaks For Sale

Bassyaks Demos and Showroom Kayaks for sale for incredibly low prices! and we will also be selling our shop mock up kayaks

SHOWROOM (never used, display only) DEMO (used) MOCK UP (used to design kits, May have been used in the water) BLEM (Cosmetic only)

DEMO:   JACKSON KAYAK Big Rig: 45 thrust lb. Saltwater motor with the EH throttle option, motor lift kit and Jackson Rudder pedals, voltmeter, RAM mount, speed prop : $2850.   Mahi    2017   near perfect!

SHOWROOM: JACKSON KAYAK CUDA  HD: 45 thrust lb . Saltwater motor with EH throttle control,motor lift kit, voltmeter, Ram mount , Speed prop: $2699  Mahi 2017 perfect condition.