Bassyaks Kits Available

Bassyaks offers complete trolling motor kits for those who already have a kayak or want to install it yourself, or we’ll build you one. Our Bassyak Kits Available include a internally and externally modified Minn Kota motor unit with a kayak specific mounting bracket, throttle assembly, steering assembly, and hardware. Most kits are sub-assembled for ease of installation. You supply the Kayak, battery, and time

Bassyaks  motors are rated IP68 that means submersible, Our wiring harnesses are IP68 , everything in our kits is IP68!!

Assembly time is about 5hrs. With normal tools, everything is mounted in an ergonomic place, keeping in mind not to ruin your kayak if you decide to remove the systems. The trolling motor can be removed in 30 seconds and the kayak will perform as it did before you made the modification. With the Lift Kit option you can raise and lower the motor from the seat at any time.

Bassyaks offers kits for most fishing type kayaks, and we ship worldwide we have shipped to Canada, Australia, Europe, GB, Dubai, Ireland, France, Israel.

Custom Work Available (only at the Connecticut store) call if you don’t see your kayak listed!

Downloadable   BassYaks-build-sheet  with prices and options

We provide complete kits for many popular brands click on the manufacture to see what kits we have available:

Feel Free Lure11.5                                                                                                       BONAFIDE KIT                                                                                                                Eddyline Bassyaks kits
Diablo Bassyak Kits
Emotion Bassyak Kits
Freedom Hawk Bassyak Kits
Heritage Bassyak Kits
Hobie Bassyak Kits
Jackson Kayaks Bassyak Kits
Malibu Bassyak Kits
Native Bassyak Kits
NuCanoe Bassyak Kits
Ocean Kayaks Bassyak Kits                                                                               Old Town Bassyaks Kits                                                                                        Pelican Bassyaks   

VIBE  Bassyaks Kits

WildernessSystems Bassyak Kits

                                                                         Other Bassyak Kits  if you don’t see your kayak listed here call to see if there is a kit available.


EM (electronic module Hand held )option  +$599

EH ( electronic module Hand Held) option +$355

EK (electronic module mounted knob) option +$299

Motor Upgrade  to 40 thrust lb  +$130

Motor Upgrade to 45 thrust lb +$150

Motor Upgrade  to 55 thrust lb  +$160

Saltwater option +$100

Motor Lift Kit +$59

 Speed Prop + $39.

EH RAM Mount  $49.99