Do It Yourself Kit  (not to be confused with our regular Bassyaks kits  these are “rough cut” and may not be available in some models)

We offer a Bassyaks kits for those of you who already have a Minn-Kota Endura motor. Everything is included except the motor. The kits are for the Endura 30 or 40 thrust lb motors  5 /3 speeds only (1352230,1352240,1352245) , you’ll get all the parts and directions to convert the motor,  to build a 10′ rear wiring harness and rear connector, 10′ steering cables and hardware, to assemble a  6′ front harness with fuse holder and kill switch, throttle knob and parts. All of the parts are top shelve but are not assembled  except for the steering cables which are assembled

Since you wanted to do this on your own, set up as you want, nothing is assembled, all raw pieces, your on your own, (NO PHONE  CALLS ASKING QUESTIONS).

The cost is $399 plus shipping.