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  1. I have a Hobie Quest 13″ would any of these kits work for me?

  2. What about the Adventure??? Any plans???

    • We have a kit, the problem is that it involves removing the Twist & Stow rudder, which makes the steering sluggish if you want to use the Mirage dirve without the motor operating. The rudder could be replaced in 5 minutes

  3. Scott Rindfleisch

    I have a Hobie outback T&S rudder removed bassyak motor and kit. I have not installed it yet and recently on a fishing trip in the kelp, I wanted to lift my rudder and could not because it does not work real well. My concern is that I want to paddle over kelp beds and cannot have my rudder down or motor. I need an easy lift system. Do you have any ideas to add something to my existing kit or can I trade it in for the old style kit. I have not used my existing kit and it is still in the box new. What do you suggest?

    • Scott, with the Bassyaks kit you’ll have an assist rope to pull the motor up and for lowering. You’ll have no problem raising the motor

  4. I have an Oasis, and am thinking about mounting a trolling motor off the side so I can easily raise it and stow it across the gunwales. Please explain to me why the motor on the stern is “the ONLY way to go”. Thanks!

  5. I have hobie outback kayak can I install the motor similar to the installation of the torqueedo ultralight 403 by the rudder, in a way where the
    motor can be mounted up or taken down near the rudder, but without interfering to the rudder ?
    Thanks !

  6. Hi guys I have a pa 12 my main concern is raising and lowering the motor as I do not want to clutter up the deck area with foot controls and what about the throttle can it be regulated from the chair I only weigh 50kg what size battery will I need to get about 5 hrs runtime I only fish creeks and rivers have had minn kota before on my alloy boats very happy with the product any info would be appreciated
    cheers Brett

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