What are Bassyaks?

Bassyaks Electric Motor Systems are the most Adjustable and Maneuverable, and quietest Trolling Motor systems available !

With a vertical adjustment which will allow you to run the motor above the keel or to a depth of 20″, your keel will drag before our motor will.

With a horizontal adjustment 90 degrees, which allows you to run the motor straight down or as a surface prop with 9 positions in between.

We also allow you to raise and lower the motor from the seat, whether to clear off weeds or to glide up onto the beach, you’ll have full control of the motor. The motor will “kick up” if an underwater object is struck, pull the release lever and the motor will drop back down.

We also offer the widest choice of motors, we use modified Minn-Kota s in  popular sizes  30, 45 ,55 thrust lb .  With Saltwater options available

The 45 thrust lb motor seems to be the motor to run, with about the same run times as the 30 but almost 1 MPH faster and can be raised with ease with the Bassyaks lift kit. Adding the 3 bladed speed prop will also add to the top speed

Our systems motors can be removed in 10 seconds, great for transporting or if you wish to paddle.

Our systems are truly “hand free” there is no need to keep a hand on the rudder lever; you steer with your feet, raise the motor with your feet.

The Only Limitations of the Bassyaks System are the Limitations of your kayak.