Can I buy a complete Bassyaks Kayak?

Yes. Bassyaks builds custom kayaks at its main shop in CT. We can provide the kayak of your choice, and then we will install the Bassyaks kit of your choice along with any options. Then, the Bassyak is sent directly to you via freight to your door.

Can Bassyaks do any repairs to my kayak?

Bassyaks can do your yearly watercraft maintenance, corrosion damage repair, and any repairs your watercraft may need. Bassyaks can repair or rebuild your trolling motor and electrical motors as well. Bassyaks can also modify your kayak to your specifications.

What do the Bassyaks Kits come with?

Kits will come with an internally and externally Modified Minn-Kota trolling motor, a kayak specific powder coated aluminum mounting bracket. Assembled Stainless Steel Nylon coated Steering cables with Stainless Steel hardware, Foot pedals can be purchased if needed. Front and rear wiring harnesses, electrical connectors, throttle control, Waterproof Maxi fuse and holder, kill switch (Sit on tops only) and relay and battery wires that are needed to make these kits function. Hillman hardware, Beckon, Heyco, Anchor, are among the companies used.

Can the motor be removed without tools?

Yes, all of the Bassyaks kits are designed so the motor can be removed for transporting. It’s as simple as removing one clip from the pivot pin, slide out the pivot pin, remove the two carabineers, and disconnect the electrical connector. All this can be done in as little as 10 seconds.

Can the motor be raised from the cockpit?

Yes, we have designed a Lift Kit that will allow you to control the motor from your seat. You will be able to raise the motor in seconds, and lower it even faster by engaging the release lever, you will be able to be raised or lowered the motor at will. To raise the motor, engage the release lever and push forward on both foot pedals and the cables will pull the motor up and out of the water. This option is also good for changing the attitude of the kayak, which will allow you to raise the bow, gaining more top end speed. It’s also great for clearing weeds and debris from your prop, crossing shallow water, clearing Oyster beds.  The motor may be tilted to run as a surface prop when crossing Lilly pads or weed beds.



What is the EM option?

The EM electronics are housed in a fully waterproof control module to be mounted below the deck of the kayak. All electronics are sealed in marine-grade polyurethane to provide corrosion-proof protection. The extruded aluminum housing features specially designed fins that dissipate heat to keep things cool under high rpm use. Using Heyco waterproof fitting makes this option carefree whether use in fresh or saltwater. The EM option is an electronic throttle system that delivers the precise amount of power needed at any speed, along with variable speed settings. You get the ability to “dial up” the precise speed setting you desire, regulating the amount of power delivered to your motor so it runs cooler with no wasted power. And now, advanced, digital micro processing optimizes draw to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. Get up to five times longer run time on a single charge If you plan on longer trips this option is a must Control the speed of your EM equipped kayak with an corded remote that can be mounted or handheld. Offers infinitely variable speed control in forward and reverse. Features neutral (off) detent position.

What type of battery is used?

Each kayak has limited space to store a 12 volt battery; we design the kit so the battery mounts inside the hull. We suggest the use of either a Gel or AGM Deep Cycle battery. Try to select the battery with the highest Ahr (amp hour) rating that will fit into your kayak and that will fit your budget. All kayaks will accept U-1 batteries, 22-NF are the next size up, Midsize kayaks can use the group 24 , only the larger kayak can handle the larger batteries like the 27 and 31 sizes which really isn’t recommended . A good way to get an idea on what kind of run time you can expect is to divide the Ahr rating of your battery by 11 ( the hourly amp consumption of the STD throttle control) If you have the EM throttle , you can expect up to 3 times as much run time. The ideal battery is the lithium ion, which will offer the longest run time and high top speed over AGM, or Gel of equal sizes

How much current does the motor draw?

A 30 thrust lb. motor  will draw roughly 20 amps at full speed. So to get a rough idea of your run time, divide your battery’s amp hour rating by 20 and that will be the number of hours of run time you can expect at full speed .


What is needed to convert a kayak into a Bassyak?

We have designed kits for many kayaks that are not listed, the requirements are that your kayak can fit a battery inside the kayak, has foot braces or room for foot braces, and a transom that will accept a bracket. We have built many kits from internet photos and your measurements with great success. So ask us if we have or can build you a Bassyak kayak

How much weight is added to your kayak?

The Standard 30 kit will add 16lbs and the EM 30 kit will add 21 lbs.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at any time!