Why Bassyaks and not others?

1. Price, for what you get we’re the most affordable

2. Over 70 different kits designed for specific models, no universal kits

3. Remove the motor in 10 seconds, for transporting

4. The motor can be raised and lowered from the seat

5. The motor can be tilted to gain ground clearance, from the seat.

6. The motor can be run as a surface prop, also effective for removing weeds from the prop; something you can’t do with the Torque, or Torqeedo

7. Directional rear propulsion is the ONLY way to go. 

8. Almost unlimited run time, using any 12 volt battery, even multiple batteries

9. Quiet, no whine like the Torqeedo, No vibration like the Torque

10. Can be surf launched, can be beached without damage.

11. Can be dry launched, no standing in the water to launch, no need to walk the kayak to a 10″ depth like the Torque

12. Very low center of gravity, like a sailboat keel , no cavitation in rough seas

13. Self righting if capsized, which is very hard to do because of the pendulum effect of the motor

14. The best maneuvering EK out there.

15. The motor stays in the water, not raising out, when reverse is engaged

16. The motor is spring loaded and will jump up to a safe position if an underwater obstacle is encountered, pull the lever and it will return to the normal position

 17. The tank well is still useful

 18. Clean factory looking setup.

19. The same battery can be used for all of your electronics, you don’t need a separate 12 volt battery like the Torqeedo

20. The motor is rated IP68 (submersible) not IP67 (direct spray) like the imported motors 

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