Jackson Kayak Bassyak Kits

If your Jackson Kayak has non -rudder foot braces , we suggest that you order the foot rails for a smoother operation  from Bassyaks ($35.00)

MAYFLY:  video



LISKA : all options available 



CUDA HD kit all options are available


The BIG RIG kit  all options are available 




Jackson Kayaks Coosa – Options – No Standard Kit available (VERY LIMITED)

Ride up stream and float back down






Jackson Kayak COOSA HD: all options are available 20150527_111719 20150527_111742 20150527_111750

Jackson Kayaks Cuda -all options are available 

 This is a great kit for larger lakes and larger rivers, even some inshore coastal trips













Don’t want to paddle the Tuna, here’s your solution. Every thing fits in the rear hatch including the battery. We suggest a 45 thrust lb motor , but it is available with a 30, 40, 45, or 50,55 thrust lb motor. Also if you plan on moving your seating position around the EH should be ordered.  No EM available, and the Standard kit is not advised.




Kilroy / Kilroy DT  kits are now available, Options  – No Standard kit available.

The kayak is very fast and should only need a 30 thrust lb motor in most cases, also the factory foot braces aren’t suited for our system, order the foot pedals for us.


20130602_134525Jackson Kayak KRAKEN all options are available