NuCanoe Bassyak Kits

  • NuCanoe  STD. Discontinued


         Frontier Kits  – options-  (No Standard kit available)

The kit comes with a 40 thrust lb motor and the EH throttle control. The kit can be installed in as little as 10 minutes with a screwdriver. A great feature is   the fully adjustable foot rails, they can be adjusted for solo or tandem operation is seconds. all of the electronics are mounted in a battery box or inside the kayak. The EM option is also available as the EK throttle option . The full range of motor sizes are also available.

The overall speed is

impressive with the 30 thrust lb motor. With this kit the Frontier can turn on its’ center, it is one of the most maneuverable vessels on the water. Check it out here:


A forward mounting battery kit is available to balance out the boat, placing the battery inside the front hatch  $100.




EX is a 45 thrust lb  transom mounted motor which will clamp onto the transom and will have a hand held EH controller built in. Along with the Steering assembly you can Clamp the motor on, connect it to a battery and hook up your steering cables and away you go, install in less than 10 minutes                             45 thrust EH w/bolt on Steering assembly   $650 

Forward Mounting Battery kit allows a battery to be mounted up front inside the front hatch  or under the floor if a 22-NF battery is used  $100